Karaoke, Etc.

Cuzzy’s – A fun night of singing at Cuzzy’s! Every Thursday night. Not too crowded, but enough popularity to be a good time! Grab dinner downstairs and then c’mon up to the bar to belt out some of your favorite songs. Pool, darts, bring drinks out on the outdoor smoking deck on the backside of second floor bar. Ping Pong Table won’t be available during Karaoke.

Myrtle St. Tavern has a Karaoke night every Friday night. These are popular and often very crowded. You will want to be there fairly early (before 10pm, for sure) to sign up if you want to get a chance at the Mic.

Time Out Pub – Karaoke every Saturday night DOWNSTAIRS. Not toooo crowded. Pool tables, darts, food served till late.

The Speakeasy does Karaoke sometimes. Check the blog or the Calendar page to see if they have a karaoke night coming up.


Rock Harbor Pub & Brewery does Trivia night on Mondays. 7pm. Free to play. Prize is $ off your bill, so come around 6/6:30 to get some food and then stay for the game. Competition, fun, and good crowd each week. Form a trivia team and come have a drink. Or form a drinking team and come play trivia, either way!

Trackside Station has hosted a Trivia night here and there. And every once and a while we get to play some Name that Tune. Supah fun!

The Badger Cafe & Pub (Union) Does trivia night on Wednesdays through April. Starts at 7pm. Come at 6/6:30pm if you want to get dinner first. Teams can’t be bigger than 5 people, and it costs $2 a person to play. The Badger just reopened from their winter break.

King Eider’s Pub Damariscotta every Monday.

Newcastle Publick House Tuesdays 6:30


3Crow Cribbage Night Sundays-Anyone playing cribbage gets 15% off. Boards & cards supplied.

3Crow -Tuesday: Taco 2’s day!- New $2 taco menu! Their tacos are incredible.

FOG – Fog Bar & Cafe does Drink & Draw on Sundays starting at 7pm. Different theme each week. Materials supplied. No cost to color. Check out this old post to see some pics of the event.

FOG – Thursdays are often movie night over there. They play classics starting at 8pm and you get free popcorn. They have the best popcorn. I like the Beet & Truffle one. Yum.

Trackide – Family friendly movie night each Thursday at Trackside Station. They put a movie on the big screen and Kid’s meals are half price. Starts at 5:30.


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