Studebaker brings the Blues, and We’ve got Trivia, Open Mic & Margaritas for All of Yous… :)

Whoaaa busy day at the office. Monday not so fun day 😦 Monday night — now, that’s alright. Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a snow day? Jk, I’m not that crazy. But I could seriously go for another Sunday… or three. Good thing April Vaca is right around the corner! Good thing we can go let off some steam this evening with some fun!

Also, look for my blog on Bangor Daily News starting this week! Thank you to all those who’ve been reading the blog. Please feel free to send me any feedback to help improve this little project.

Annnd, here’s the lowdown:

Monday, April 7 

  1. King Eider’s Pub has Trivia night.
  2. Open Mic Night at Fog Bar & Cafe starts at 8 p.m. Lots of talent. You never know what kind of musical instrument someone will bring in. Come join the fun & enjoy happy hour prices all night.1505135_675457255846308_261620951_n
  3. Trivia Night at Rock Harbor Pub & Brewery 7pm & Mug night. Game starts at 7 p.m. Doesn’t cost anything to play. Game lasts about 1 hr, 1hr 30 min. Prizes for top 3 teams are percent off your bill, so come with a couple of friends and a clever team name, get dinner and drinks, and hope you are lucky, ’cause boy, there are some wicked smaht fellas on some of those teams!


    Last week’s trivia night hosts looking dapper.

  4. Monday Night Blues at Time Out Pub, 7-10pm, $10 with Studebaker John. Also downstairs has free pool 6pm – close. & $1 PBRs 6pm on!
  5. Hospitality Industry Night at Comida Latin Kitchen, Camden, 10% off if you work in service industry.
  6. Margarita Monday at Trackside. $3 ‘Ritas.
  7. Did you know Cappy’s has free chicken wings & popcorn, and $1 tacos during Happy Hour (or Cappy Hour as they like to call it 🙂 )? Pop in 4-6 p.m. to get some! Also, they’ve got Sam Grinnell coming in to treat us to some live music this weekend on Saturday, 6-9 p.m.  He does a great set of acoustic songs. Songs you can sing along to or just enjoy. More info here.
  8. Free screening of Genetic Roulette” at Belfast Free Library 6 p.m. Free. About the risks associated with eating genetically engineered foods. I’d go but I fear I’ll be in Belfast every day this week for the cool stuff going on. OK, OK, maybe I’ll go anyway 🙂 Event info here.
  9. Sox play at 7 p.m. Rollie’s has tall Coors for the price of small Coors during all Sox games and $3 Harpoons during all New England games.
  10. March Madness championship. (I busted my brackets, but I think I’m #1 in the office pool!) Waterworks has $2 Buds/Bud Lights and beer bucket specials during the NCAA BBall games.’
  11. Watch NCAA tonight at The Smokestack Grill & you’ve got $3 Margaritas…$2 Coronas…$2 Bud and Bud Lights…$2 Tacos with Rice.

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