A Bowl Lotta Fun this Saturday!

Lots of stuff coming your way this weekend but here’s my recommendation:  Bowling! Saturday, April 5 from 11am-12pm at All Play Blowing Alley in Waldoboro. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine has their annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake Fundraiser going on across 6 counties of Maine and they will be at All Play on Saturday.

There are still some time slots open if you want to call and sign up to bowl on a different day at either Oakland Park Lanes or at Point Lookout in Northport. My team, The Candlepuns, will bowl on Tuesday! It’s Free to bowl, but it’s a fundraiser, so your team is supposed to ask friends & family to donate to BBBS and you collect the pledge money and bring it with you when you bowl.

See how much fun!



A lot of the teams have creative team names too! That’s my favorite part!  Some of my favorite team names:

  • Whoop, Spare It Is
  • The Preemptive Strikes
  • Ebowla Virus  (It was a team of pharmacists! Love it!)
  • Gaucabowlie
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter
  • The Gutterball Turkeys
  • The Bowling Stones

Here is Team Gutterly Fabulous. They were the top fundraisers for the hour. I think it was around $450 raised for BBBS! Great work Ladies! (Great outfits too!)


So, if you want to bowl, there are are open lanes Saturday morning for the 11am time slot. You don’t need to have done the fundraising in advance because it’s so last minute, but if you want to, you can get more info here. Or, just come on down and go bowling for free because we’ve got the extra lanes open from 11am-12pm! And if you make a $25 dollar donation, they’ll even give you this fabulous Tshirt.


I’m clearly not related to Vana White.

There are also chances to win prizes and gift certificates! It’s a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause so come on out and have some fun with BBBS! If you have questions, give BBBS a call at 236-BBBS (2227). Or if you want to support my bowling team, click here and you can read about me & my Little Sister and make a donation to BBBS.



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