Allagash Brewery and What’s Brewin’ in Rockland

We went to the Allagash Brewery Promo event at 3Crow last night and had a blast. Yummy food. Great beer.


We sampled the 4 different Allagash beers they had on draft. My favorite was the Avance which is aged with strawberries for 3 years in a barrel. You can really taste the sweet/tart berry flavor. Really impressive. Plus a little bonus – it’s 10.8% ABV. Crazy! Ryan explained that this is a good dessert beer. I didn’t know dessert beer was a thing. But, hey, I’ll take it. Ryan also told us all those strawberries come from a Maine farm. Nice. Thank you Maine, you taste so good 🙂

Allagash Vagabond

My partner in crime for the evening, Caitlyn, really enjoyed the Gingerwit beer. You can taste the ginger!


My witty ginger friend, Caitlyn, (get it? Gingerwit… 🙂 ) & Ryan from Allagash Brewery

Want more Allagash? (I sure do!)

  • I hear the best place to get your Allagash brews is Southend Grocery.
  • Poking around the Allagash website, I was pretty amused by the Meet Our Staff page. Check it out if you’re looking for a chuckle.
  • Did you know you can tour Allagash Brewery (Free)?  You can also stop by their tasting room to sample different brews (also free). You can look at their Tour Schedule and Tasting info here.
  • Stop by 3Crow to sample the Allagash beers! While most places will have Allagash White on draft (delicious) just a few have Black on draft. I know Cappy’s in Camden has Allagash Black. But 3Crow has the Gingerwit, Avance, Saosin (Allagash’s newest year round release), and James Bean.

Also, tonight at 3Crow is the Sebago promo. Joe Moran from Sebago Brewing Company will tap a cask of Full Throttle at 5pm and they will serve their Barley Wine. More giveaways as well. I was bummed I didn’t get an Allagash trucker hat 😦 Maybe you’ll be lucky though!

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