I Mustache You a Question — ‘Stache Bash!

The question is: what is with everyone being so amused by mustaches? I just don’t get it. Oh well. I’m all for celebrating random things so let’s do it! I’d really love to stay and chat, but I really mustache (must dash.. :)). So here’s the Lowdown.


The ‘Stache Bash is coming!!

The fabulous folks at Hot Pink Flannel bring us yet another ever so popular ‘Stache Bash.


It’s Saturday March 29 from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.  at Trackside. $5 cover. (Worth it!) There will be contests for best mustache/costume so get creative. Cash prizes for winners. There is a fee to enter the contest (Also worth it!). Music will be Destroy Them My Robots bringing us loads of fabulous 80s music. Yes! I love rockin’ out to the 80s jamz.




This was me at last year’s stache Bash! Get creative with those outfits! Go to the Hot Pink Flannel facebook to look at pics from past years to get some ideas of costumes.

Also, Portland goes allout for celebrating the ‘stache — Check out Portland’s Facial Hair Fest. O’Chang comics is going to be there!

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