PenBay Pilot Scooped Me Up!

Guess what! You can now find my event listings on the PenBay Pilot and The SCENE online zine. Ya, that’s right, this girl got her very first byline!

The posts will be the same, for the most part. The stuff you see directly on the blog will get last minute updates (snow cancellations, etc.), extra posts about what’s coming up in a few weeks or reviews of past events, and probably have more stuff because sometimes I forget to add things and then go back and add it later. Also the blog will have more pictures, videos, links to bands and venues etc., so it’s easier to check a band out by watching their video right here.  But yeah, I’m happy to see that people are using the blog. Hope it is helpful and amusing.

I heard some feedback a while ago that people wanted to see more about food specials. Great idea! So I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for discounts for all ya frugal folks. I’m a bargain shopper myself, so that’s been fun. I do appreciate the feedback. The blog is for you guys so please feel free to comment or send me a message on the Facebook Page to let me know what you’d like to see covered on the blog or any ideas really.

If you haven’t yet, please explore the site a bit. Look at all the cool stuff you can do!:

  • You can use the Calendar page to see what’s up next week and beyond.
  • You can use the Weeklies pages to see things like Open Mic, Karoake, and other regularly/weekly events.
  • You can use the Happy Hour page to see what the local hot spots have for Happy Hour discounts.
  • You can read the Listen Up! page to find out about Maine music.
  • You can follow me on twitter. Who tweets though, honestly?

Thanks for reading!  And please share this site with your friends. You can go to the Facebook page and click “Invite Friends” and then select who you’d like to invite. I appreciate the support so I can keep providing you guys with the Lowdown!

Thanks for reading,

Jessabelle Lemonade

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