Food Eating Contests in Wiscassett

Wiscassett General Store has food contests! Omg!

I’ve always wanted to do one and be like that dude on the food channel that always does it. I know, I know, I should set higher goals for myself. Oh well. Anyway, they are having a hot wings contest March 16th. Call 687-2079 or stop in to sign up.

The last contest was The Monster Burger Bash on Sunday February, 9th, started at 11am. If you can eat it all it is free. There’s a wall of shame if you don’t finish it though. Hah. Here’s the burger:

The Monster Burger has two pounds of pure Black Angus beef patties, slices of French Toast, 8 slices of cheese (can you say heart attack??) Lettuce, Tomato’s, Raw Onions, Pickles and your choice of condiments, all crammed inside of a focaccia Hamburger Bun. You also have to tackle one pound of French Fries and a 32 oz PowerAde. You get one hour to TRY and eat that lil monster!! The cost is $25.99 for each plate. Eat it all and it’s free.

Here’s one contender who ended up on the wall of shame. Bummer, dude. You’re still a winner in my book.

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