Spiritual Sunday with a Psychic Reading

If you’re like me, you may have a little trouble accepting the fact that Sunday means the weekend is ending. I’m a firm believer that every week should be extended another day so we have two Sundays. Why? Because Sunday Funday, that’s why. So come on out and get some wine & spirits.

If you’re looking for what to do in Rockland tonight, here’s what we’ve got going on for Sunday 2/23/14:

Myrtle St has a pool tournament today. Click on the Weeklies Page to learn more about reoccurring events. Also, PsychicMedium Sonny Robinson will be at the Myrtle Street Tavern from 7-8pm. He is doing a group reading and you can participate for $20. Or if you’re more into enjoying the other kind of spirits, check out the drink specials 🙂

Sunday means Drink & Draw at the Fog bar & Cafe. Starts at 7pm. Different theme each week. Keeps us on our toes!

The drinking part of Drink & Draw doesn’t have to be alcohol (though the Fog does have some fabulous cocktails). I like to go and get a nice cup of decaf herbal tea and doodle with pals. Here’s what it looked like at a past Drink & Draw:

The 3Crow Cribbage Night makes it’s debut this week. Any card lovers out there, c’mon down, bring an appetite and thirst for craft beer & healthy competition. 15% off your bill for those playing Cribbage. (Cribbage boards & cards supplied.)

Cuzzy‘s has free pool today.

Trackside Station will have the Daytona 500 on TV at noon and drink specials include $4 Bloodys and $4 Mimosas.

Smokestack has bottomless  Mimosas for $6 & bottomless Bloody Mary’s for $5! How have you not done this yet? More importantly, how have I not done this yet??

That’s the scoop. Also, I implore you to consider the positive mental health benefits of adding Sundae Sundays to your weekly routine. Thorndike Creamery serves up a mean ice cream Sundea. Bring a friend. Those things are huge. Or, have you tried Spoon, Fro Yo shop in Camden? They have a toppings bar!

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