Celebrate Sunny Saturday with Primo Cubana

It’s beautiful out! I’m so glad we have a day where we can stop complaining about the snow!Get out and enjoy it but save some energy cause tonight we’ve got Primo Cubano, Matt & The Barnburners, Chronic Funk.

Saturday 2/22/14

1. Billy’s Tavern –  Primo Cubano! Show starts at 8:30. Cuban music. Wear you’re dance shoes, they will get you moving!


2. Exact Change Jazz Quartet at Rock City Cafe 5-7pm. Free/tips.


3. Strand Theatre is playing the Oscar nominated short films. If you want to see them before the Oscars (Sunday 3/2) now’s the time. The movie showings are split by animated and live action. visit the strand’s website for descriptions. $8.50

  • 2/22: 5:30 pm: Oscar Shorts Animated
  • 2/23: 3 pm: Oscar Shorts Live Action
  • 2/24: 7 pm: Oscar Shorts Animated
  • 2/25: 7 pm: Oscar Shorts Live Action
  • Also, if you  plan to watch the Oscars,  do it in style this year. The Strand screens The Oscars on the big screen on Oscar night (Sunday 3/2/14). You can go watch for free. The bar is open for 21+. You can dress up. Last year I think they had a red carpet. Watching the awards on the big screen is fun because it’s on the stage with the curtains and your in the theatre so it kind of feels like you’re there. Also, you can make some guesses about who will win. Oscar ballots are currently available in the Strand lobby. Everyone can submit winner predictions any time before the awards show starts at 8pm on March 2; correct predictions will be entered into a drawing for a 10-Movie Pass Card ($75 value).

4. Trackside Station: Apparently it’s National Shot Day on Saturday. Not sure who decides these things, but really? Fireball shot day? Really? So anyway, give Trackside Station a visit and have some Fireball Whiskey. I want to try that Fireball Apple Pie drink, also the Cinnamon Toast Crunch sounds pretty good (see pic below).


When in Rome… Fireball Whiskey & RumChata

Trackside will have promo giveaways (T-Shirts last time), shot specials and there will be Fireball girls (Girls in Fireball T-shirts giving out Fireball T-shirts and then taking pictures of you folks enjoying your Fireball T-shirts). Fireball Girls will there from 10-11pm

Pic from last Promo Girls to visit with Jameson Whiskey promo stuff. I wasn’t kidding about the T-shirts. Click here to see more pics from the Jameson Girls visit.

5. Time Out Pub – DJ upstairs. Karaoke Downstairs. No cover. Fireball Girls will be at TOP from 11-12.

6. Myrtle has music. Matt & The Barnburners. Fireball girls save the best for last – They will be at Myrtle from 12-close. My pick for a drink, if you’re going to drink Fireball, is one of Myrtle’s specials. I don’t know if it’s still a special now, but  It’s Fireball Whiskey, RumChata, & salted caramel vodka. They call it The Salty Snowball. Oh, Myrtle St…


7. The Speakeasy has Chronic Funk playing. This jam band plays in Portland regularly. Funky rhythms & horns.

8. Eat, Drink & Listen with Sam Grinnel playing live music at Cappy’s 6-9pm.

FYI, Waterworks is closed this Sunday, 2/23, Monday, 2/24 & Tuesday, 2/25 for some repairs. They open up again Wed the 26th at 11:30 for lunch.

Also, if you’re looking for a bit of fun beyond the mid-coast region, check out what the rest of Maine has for live music here.



New Addition!

Dance tonight at Simonton Corner. Three DJ’s rotating. 8-11PM CHEM FREE. $6. Ages 15-20 welcome.


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