Open Up a Bit with Open Mic

Yeah, Buddy. Yah, Guy. Ayuh, Bub. Yessuh, Dude.  Doesn’t matter how you say it, just do it ’cause we just survived  Monday! I honestly don’t know how – It was looking a little hairy there at the end, but by golly we did itHopefully that means smooth sailing ahead. Don’t let snow slow you down tonight, you’re a Mainah! So, get on out to Open Mic tonight and show us what’s what!

Check with places in advance to make sure things are still happening or if they are closing due to weather.

Tuesday 2/18/14

Tonight, 3 Crow is offering $2 off all whiskey. They’ve got something ridiculous like 40 whiskeys to choose from, great opportunity to sample whiskey at its finest.Photo: SNOW DAY SPECIAL TONIGHT: All whiskey $2 off, all night!At 3Crow, we never close for snow (c'mon it's Maine, right?), but with snow in the forecast we want to give you a little extra incentive to get out of the house. For tonight only, we're taking $2 off all our whiskeys! We currently have over 40 in stock, ranging from small batch bourbon, Irish blended whisky, and Maine-made rye.All of them are the perfect way to warm up tonight.

2 for Tuesdays at Time Out Pub. 2 Well Drinks for the price of one until 6pm. Not too shabby for you bargain shoppers. If you’re an early bird, don’t forget to get the lowdown on your Happy Hour options.

Open Mic at Rock Harbor. Starts around 9pm. Certainly the liveliest open mic in town. Check the Open Mic Page to see the write up on all of them.

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Wednesday 2/19/14

Open Mic at The Speakeasy 8-11pm. I hear from a certain friendly, neighborhood pirate, that the Open Mics at The Speakeasy are starting to pick up steam. They have guitar drumset and more. Mostly hearing folk/rock. Marcus gets on the drumset to jam. Blind Albert has stopped in to play before.

Wine Down Wednesday at Trackside. House wine for $4.50. Because…

Time Out Pub – Pool Tournement, 7pm

Dancing for Fun Winter Wednesdays at Highlands Coffee House, 7:30-9pm.


Dodgeball at The Rockland Rec Center. Eight co-ed adult teams battle each Wednesday from 7-9pm. Come cheer for my team, The Powerballs (because we are lucky if we win), as we dodge, duck, dive, and destroy the other teams! Teams are already formed, contact The Rec Center to see if it’s still possible to start your own team a bit late. You need at least 6 players and $125 to play. Or just come and cheer. It’s fun to watch too!


Thank you all for viewing the blog & supporting the local night life. Please help spread the word by encouraging friends to “Like” The Lemonade Lowdown Facebook Page and explore the blog. Feel free to comment or message me on FB if you want an event added to the list.

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