Snow You Didn’t!

If you wanna enjoy ur weekend, by golly, you ought to! Don’t let mother nature slow you down. Put on your party pants and I’ll let you know where to go!


Cancellations for Saturday 2/15/14:
The music at The Chowderhouse is postponed for another day. The Speakeasy will be closed.

The girls at Rock Harbor are holding strong and will be open. They even have drink specials for you!

The band at The Myrtle won’t be able to make it but the bar is open for ya. Myrtle’s psychic doing readings tomorrow (Sunday 2/16) cancelled due to the weather. They hope to reschedule for next weekend (2/23/14).

Fog cancelled Blind Albert for tonight.

I’ll update with other weather cancellations/changes when I can get to a computer. Feel free to comment on this post if you know of other changes so people know. Thanks.

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